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Car Rental Tricks To Watch Out For

Overbooking with Exemption

Vehicle rental companies often overbook for the same reasons as hotels and airlines do – to offset costumers who return cars early and to compensate for no-shows. Perhaps they depend on experience to keep overbooking to a safe level which does not conflict with their customer reservations.

Yet “safe” level to a vehicle rental service company is very different than that of an airline company. If an airline dish off a passenger because of overbooking the passenger will have cash compensation as mandated by law. To remedy for that cash compensation, airline companies satisfy around 90 percent of overbooked customers by giving travel coupon incentives to people who are willing to go for a later flight schedule. This is why airlines are really good at keeping overbooking levels low enough to evade severe financial exposure.

On the other hand, travellers who rent cars don’t have that mandatory compensation as the only sufficient ceiling on overbooking by vehicle rental companies is the number of unsatisfied costumers they could tolerate….which is usually a big number.

So, when a car rental company can’t accommodate you, the next move is to offer an upgrade to a more pricy package for an extra cost, or for free if you’re a savvy costumer…which you’ll be if you finish reading this blog. Some agents might even try to find available car from other rental companies, and in case cars are limited; best offer you can have is going to be “proceed to your hotel and we’ll have your car for you by tomorrow” or “hang around the airport for a couple of hours and we’ll pick you up (as soon as someone returns a car).”
Customer really can’t do about such but to avert coming to the airport late in the night in need of an airport car service.

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Tree Removal Service Provider

If there’s a tree in your yard that you want to be removed, it’s highly recommended that you hire professionals to get the job done. It’s never a good idea to remove the tree on your own because you might endanger yourself and other people. This is not to mention the possible damage you will cause to your property. Removing a tree is not an easy task especially if the tree in question rises above your house. The removal process should be meticulously planned so that the falling tree won’t land on the house or on any structure nearby. Your best option would be to call a tree removal service provider. Below are some of the reasons why you should hire professionals to do the job.

Tree Removal Service Provider

1) It’s for your own safety. Even if you have some of the equipment to cut or remove the unwanted tree, you still can’t ensure your safety or the safety of the houses and other structures around the tree. Cutting down a tree will require planning. It must be cut in a specific way so that when it falls down, it will be in a direction where it can land safely without causing damage to people or property. Only experienced professionals have the ability to direct a falling tree.

2) Tree removal companies have the necessary tools to remove the tree in a fast and efficient manner. If the tree involved is huge and towers over your house, the workers will have to trim it first before cutting it down. Obviously, this will require ropes, hand-held chain saws and other equipment. Furthermore, more than one person may be needed to finish the job. In some cases, the workers will have to cut down the tree in several places because cutting it down once at its base may be too dangerous.

3) The company offers you several options on how the tree will be removed. Cutting isn’t the only way to remove a tree. If the tree is small and not fully grown, it can be earth-balled and transferred to another area. Tree removal service providers have the equipment that enables them to do this procedure. You can choose this option if you want to transfer the tree to another location that you also own. The company will remove the tree including its roots, use a truck to transfer it to its new location, and replant the tree there. Depending on the new location, this whole process can take a single day.

In conclusion, it’s highly advisable that you hire a tree removal service provider to cut, earth-ball, or transfer an unwanted tree. The most important reason is that it ensures your safety and the safety of the structures around the tree. The services of these companies are also not that expensive. In fact, before you hire them to work on the tree, you can ask for an estimate. This gives you time to consider if you have the budget for the project. But one thing’s for sure, the cost won’t cut too deep into your wallet.