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If you have been on the active rolls of your company for a period of more than one year and have been embroiled in any kind of accident that has incapacitated you or put you through unreasonable harm and injury, you know that you must see one of the attorneys at our firm at the earliest.

The conditions after the accident:

The facts and circumstances after the accident are of primary interest to the claims court. Things and actions of the employer after the accident occurred is important to read into the intention of the employer in doing his part. For example, was first aid administered to the worker as soon as the accident took place?

Safety precautions:

It is the responsibility of every employer to provide safety gears and other tools and equipments that will guarantee safety of his employees and especially when they are employed in dangerous places and conditions like in a smelter or a mine or near a hot furnace.

'Respondeat Superior'

:This Latin maxim ensures thatthe employer is made liable for the tortuous activity of the employee during the scope of his employment. The maxim means, "let the master answer". It is a common law doctrine. In common law, the servant is considered to be the agent of the master who is deemed to be his principal.Apart from the common law practice of making the employer responsible for any injury that arises to the employee during the course of the employment, it is alsoconsidered the liability of the employer if any of his employees inthe terms of his employment causes injuries to any third party.

Nowin no fee:

Most of the compensation claims that are instituted against the employers are done so on the no win no fees basis. This ensures that the employee need not pay any upfront service fee to the attorney that he hires and if the attorney is able to win the case from him he shall be compensated for his service from it. But incase the lawyer is not able to provide him result then he would to be liable to claim any fee. This arrangement does work out the best in terms of compensation claims. Come to us for free consultation: If you are one of the affected parties, we recommend that you log on to our website or consider dropping us a line in order o fix up a time for free consultation with us!


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